Special Events at Lalbazar Ayyappa Temple

September, 2018 Events


(i) Games , Sports activities & Tug of war on 01 Sep 2018 , 4.00 pm onwards (ii) Cultural programs & Onam Feast on 02 Sep 2018 Sunday. Entry through Donor passes.
8:00 am

Sree Krishna Jayanthi

08.00am to 10.30 am _ Sreemadh Bhagavatha Paarayanam 10.40 am to 12.10 pm Discource Sanathana Dharmam - Eastern perception by Col (Retd ) Sukumaran 12.30 pm Sastha Preethi Bhojanam 06.45 pm Deeparadhana 07.00 pm to 0.45 pm Bhajana
5:30 am

Sree Krishna Jayanthi

Ashta Drevya Ganapathi Homam
8:10 am Sree Ayyappa Bhagavatha Parayanam
08.10 am Sree Ayyappa Bhagavatha Parayanam by Sri M K N Kurup & Team 12.45 pm Sastha Preethi bhojanam
5:15 am

Ganesh Chathurthi

05.15 am Ashta Drevya Ganapathi Homam 06.30 am Sarvabhishekam Special Nivedyam a) Otta Appam b) Unni Appam c) Modekam 12.45 pm Annadanam 07.00 pm Bhajana 09.10 pm Laghubhakshanam

October, 2018 Events

8:00 am

Shree Ayyappa Bhagavatha Parayanam

(Sri M K N Kurup & Devotees)
6:45 pm


( Pooja Veppu)
7:30 am


(Ayudha pooja / Vahana pooja.)
6:50 am


06.50 am Pooja Eduppu 06.55 am Vidhya Arembam 05.00 pm Vidhya Gopala Manthra Archana
8:00 am

Shree Mad Bhagavatha Parayanam

PS: Mahaprasadam (Special Bhajana followed by Light Meals) will be conducted on last Saturday of every Month, at 9:00 pm after closing of the Sanctum Santorum. Devotees are kindly requested to make donations for this event. In addition to this, devotees can sponsor Mahaprasadam either individually or jointly on other Saturdays also.

Saastha Preethi Bhojanam will be conducted on last Sunday of each month by Devasthaanam, and on other Sundays by individual or joint sponsor devotees.

For more details and event booking, please contact the temple body.

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